Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And Were Off!!!!

What a great start to the 2012-13 school year!  I have to say that for me, the first day of school just FLEW by! 

There are many things happening around school right now: 
When I drive into the parking lot, both in the morning and the afternoon, I see a bunch boys working hard to make the Mustang football team. 

Girls are in the gym giving it their best to earn a spot on the volleyball team. 

This morning, I saw a whole bunch of dedicated cross country athletes running around the school logging in their weekly miles.  GREAT JOB MUSTANGS!!

This morning, Mr. Cooper mentioned that he is getting geared up to launch the Rocket Club!  HOW EXCITING!!!  

The band directors and choir director are thrilled with the enormous amount of talent that have entered their programs. 

Ms. Logan has mentioned the upcoming Theatre performance that she is considering putting on this fall.  You all will LOVE IT!

The Librarian is beyond excited to have students visit her library.  Ms. Patterson has done a fabulous job preparing the library for ALL the students.  Please visit her and the library!! 

Senora Hoffman's classes are already singing in Spanish!  MUY BUENO!!!

What an honor and privilege it is for me to be a part of this fantastic campus!!!  I LOVE IT!! 

When all the hectic things that a counselor has to do the first few days of school start to ease up, I promise to post pictures on this blog of all the Mighty Mustang Moments! 


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